Our theme comes with support of WooCommerce 2.0+

We’ve extended WooCommerce functionality
to give you even more flexibility.

Custom image sizes and Grid.

We’ve reworked image scaling for products listing
to give you possibility easily set various amount of products per row, by simply changing image size.


Custom settings for posts, categories and tags.


WooCommerce can have only one shop page, so if you have lots of products, then you’ll be actively using categories.

That’s why in our theme you can set custom sidebar, layout and slideshow not only for product posts
but also for tags and categories.

Right Sidebar Full Width + Slider Left Sidebar


Additional image on hover for products.

To increase user interest to the product, you can add additional image for any product. It will be displayed when user moves mouse over the image.

Custom amount of products per page

By default, WooCommerce uses blog setting to define how many products will be displayed per page,
what can be a real problem in some cases.

In our theme you can set how many products will be displayed per page separately from blog settings.


Carousel for Related, Up-sell Cross-sell and product thumbnails

Carousel giving visitors easy and visible access to several products.

It helps you to organize your product page by placing lots of content in one line.


Various layouts & sidebars for shop pages

Each shop page, post or category comes with layout and sidebar settings. You can set custom sidebar for each page/post and choose between full widht, right sidebar, and left sidebar layouts.


Cart icon & Login links

We’ve added cart functionality to the top of the page with the products counter.
Also login and my account links can be added/removed to the top of the page.


Sale and New lables

In addition our theme comes with support of WooCommerce New Product Badge
You can adjust colors for sale and new labels.


Styled WooCommerce Shortcodes

Our theme comes with full styles WooCommerce shortcodes.

A couple of examples:

Products by SKU

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$168.00 $154.00

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